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Advisory Services

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE CAPITAL MARKET ADVISORY, CORPORATE FINANCE ADVISORY, sovereign advisory and research and transaction management

In addition to our team’s experience, we have established an exclusive agreement with Anchor Stockbrokers to provide bespoke property focused research, market insights and corporate access (Anchor’s research team consists of four analysts covering 18 listed property stocks). This collaboration equips YW Capital with additional insights into the property industry enabling a comprehensive advisory product offering​.

Our approach to problem-solving hinges on our ability to understand our client’s problem and the nature of their capital needs, as well as the market and environment in which the transaction is executed. This upfront investment in understanding our clients, ensures an optimal delivery approach when determining the product and the way a transaction is executed.


We aim to critically assess and develop bespoke solutions to meet the needs and objectives of listed or soon to be listed clients. As the exchanges across Africa gain momentum, corporates and institutions are looking to access the capital markets for their funding needs. Our services include:

  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Rights Offers
  • Accelerated Placements
  • Equity-linked Placements
  • Equity Derivatives
  • Bond Issuances
  • Note Programmes
  • BBBEE Structuring
  • ESOPs


Our product knowledge enables us to provide our clients with solutions to meet their, short, medium and long-term strategic objectives in order to gain market share and create or unlock trapped shareholder value. Our services include:

  • Private Equity Capital Raising
  • Financial Modelling
  • Balance Sheet Optimisation
  • Capital Management
  • Corporate Actions
  • BBBEE Structuring
  • Currency Exchange
  • Project or Acquisition Finance
  • Asset-based Finance
  • Syndicated Borrowings
  • Working Capital Finance


Our Sovereign Advisory office acts as a partner to governments across Africa. We aim to bring structure and global solutions to government challenges or private clients who look to navigate the local regulatory environment. Whether it be advising on the development of the capital markets, privatisation or capital raising, our expert team can open a line of communication with key decision makers. Our service include

  • Shareholder Assessments
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Access to African Corporates
  • Negotiations
  • Sovereign Advisory


There are various workstreams that overlay every transaction and are required to be executed in a timely manner. Our analyst team works with various first-rate databases in order to produce accurate results and our executive team manages deadlines in order to drive stakeholder value. Our services include:

  • Transaction Structuring
  • Economic Research
  • Results Monitoring
  • Management Consulting
  • Building Company Strategy
  • Procuring Professional Advisors
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Due Diligence