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Principal Investments

20% equity investment in Spacious


A storage company based in Johannesburg


20% Equity investment in Amada Investment Management


Fixed-income asset manager based in Johannesburg

Divested in 2020

Partnership with Anuera


Developed a predicative intelligence system to highlight areas at highest risk of theft, accident, sabotage, and crime


5.9% of Fortess REIT Limited ordinary shares through empowerment initiative


Listed REIT


Partnership with Anchor Stockbrokers


A stockbroker providing equity brokerage services and research on the listed property sector in SA


Strategic Investments

Strategic investments are businesses which YW Capital considers core to its business and would therefore merit a long-term, active management role in these companies. Our qualifying criteria are as follows:​​

  • Established companies with demonstrable track record and strong strategic rationale for investment or acquisition;​
  • Operating within the financial services sector or hold financial assets;​
  • Experienced and competent management teams;​
  • Strong cash flow or be deemed to have good cash flow potential;​
  • A clear value proposition;​
  • Must show sustainable and strong job creation; and​
  • Be guided by transformational objectives in its shareholding and / or operations.

Accelerated growth investments

Accelerated growth investments are businesses which exhibit significant growth potential and are backed by an experienced and highly skilled management team. The investment thesis focuses on organic and acquisitive growth potential within these companies by enhancing profitability and complimentary value adding services. Thereafter, an exit strategy is formulated to realise investment value created. Our investment criteria for these companies are as follows:​

  • Well established companies with critical mass by both revenues and profits (R10 million minimum pre-tax profit);​
  • Must operate within a sector that has strong medium-to-long-term growth potential;​
  • Must prove to have experienced and competent management teams;​
  • Must promote socio-economic development and can create or sustain significant employment;​
  • Has a compelling value proposition, including a transformation agenda; and​
  • Listable entity within near term (3-5 years)

Opportunistic Investments

Opportunistic investments, as the name suggests, refers to opportunities where YW Capital has an option to acquire a minority interest in investment companies where there is a unique ability to structure a transaction which results in significant short-to-medium term upside. These investment opportunities are typically derivative in nature and assessed on a deal-by-deal basis. Opportunistic investments typically meet the following key criteria:

  • Companies with financial assets and liabilities or companies that mobilise assets and/or savings;
  • There is an ability to unlock value through derivative instruments
  • YW Capital has a strategic relationship with the company and should be able to create other opportunities for our group; and
  • The company should be a blue-chip company and a leader in its sector.