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YWC Foundation

The YWC foundation is an opportunity for us to amplify our footprint in South Africa by utilising our network to cultivate new ideas and opportunities which contribute to improving socially inclusive economic participation for the ones whom require it the most. Our activity in this space manifests in one of three ways;


Think-tank sessions

The YWC Thinktank is hosted once every quarter and brings together leading minds from the spheres of business, politics and academia in debating and problem solving realistic, prudent and sustainable solutions endemic in our country. In addition, the Thinktank works to analyse and qualify social initiatives and projects for the benefit of previously disadvantaged or financially excluded communities.

Topics range from economic inclusion and financial empowerment to tax reforms and retirement planning for non-banked communities. The ultimate objective of the Thinktank would be to spearhead a capital markets transaction which benefits and reaches the majority of previously marginalized South Africans.

The think tank is an opportunity for philanthropists, business leaders, politicians, civic organisations, NGO’s and individuals to participate in a dialogue that makes financial inclusivity a reality for all South Africans. Like our business philosophy of thinking globally, the Thinktank will also consider solutions and opportunities outside of our borders.


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Inclusion of broad-based stakeholders in our investment execution approach and managing commercial opportunities where there is potential for inclusion of such stakeholder groups in a structure

Where our Thinktank has identified an investment opportunity for execution, or equivalently, there is an opportunity for our team to include a broad-based grouping into a transaction, the YWC Foundation acts as a vehicle for executing such initiatives. This brings the skillset of a worldly team to structuring transactions which are cognisant of the needs of the envisaged beneficiaries in communities which are often unnoticed or under-represented. Acting as a principal and advisor alongside these stakeholder groupings in opportunities ensures that the benefits accrue to those it is intended for.


Donations to worthy charitable initiatives, which aligns with our value system and philosophy


Whilst we search for opportunities which are impactful in the national economy over the long-term, we are also cognisant of the short-term. YWC regularly donates financial and physical resources to worthy causes on an annual basis. This ensures that as a company, we are minded by our role in unlocking the vision of the YWC Foundation. It also pays homage to our past, recognising that there are communities which are yet to be uplifted from the remnants of our country’s history.