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Introduction to YW Capital

YWC is a proudly South African and empowered niche Financial Services Provider. Created to serve a gap in the market, YWC was inspired by the characteristics of the South African national tree. While regulated under FSCA requirements, YWC is proud to set itself apart from the larger, traditional banking institutions. YWC is a Level I BEE entity and a financial services provider specializing in equity, equity-linked derivatives instruments and investments advisory for the South African and wider Pan-African market. YWC’s success is incumbent on providing bespoke financial solutions while understanding the political and socio-economic landscape in which we work.

While YWC is based in South Africa, it is not sole SA focused. The team has worked on a number of diverse transactions in many industries, with both listed and unlisted companies. They focus on two broad spheres;

  • Investments – the focus is on key sectors and identifying mutually beneficial opportunities. Being a Pan-African business they also look at the socio-economic aspect of the investment which is underpinned by a prudent investment mandate. YWC’s is to identify, qualify and execute sound investments for the long term.
  • Equity Capital Markets Advisory – YWC helps to facilitate, critically assess and develop bespoke solutions to meet the needs and objectives for its clients. YWC has a unique approach to problem-solving which hinges their ability to understand p[roblem statements and the nature of their needs, as well as  the market and environment in which the transaction is executed. This upfront investment in understanding clients’ needs ensures an optimal delivery approach when determining the product and the manner in which a transaction is executed.

Much of YWC’s success comes from a conscientious effort to give the client the best possible outcome. While hard work, rigour and due diligence is par for the course, prudency is a key part of the YWC process. Whether the team is reacting to an opportunity or solving a client’s problem; they strive for full and absolute transparency in operations. They found this reinforces their relationships with partners and clients.

Key to creating YWC is the CEO, Mesh Pillay’s goal of breaking away from the traditional banking mould. He recognised early the potential Africa and how there is opportunity to become a formidable global economic player. With a blue-chip client list and enviable network, Mesh Pillay hopes that the YWC team will break new financial ground in equity capital market transactions. The teams’ track record includes experience in South Africa, the African continent and in Europe and the United Kingdom.

YWC sells an experience. They spend the time undertaking thorough due diligence, research and problem-solving prior to agreeing on any fee structure. Their business philosophy is to earn and gain the trust of their clients and create long lasting relationships. They do this by aligning their risk to that of their clients in order to optimize long terms stakeholder value.

While remaining true to their vision and objectives at YWC, they are robust in their approach. YWC understand that environments are susceptible to change and YWC will need to be at the forefront of that change.