We have a unique approach to problem-solving which hinges on our ability to understand our client’s problem and the nature of their capital needs, as well as the market and environment in which a transaction is executed


Equity Advisory

YW Capital assists clients in raising equity privately or through the listed capital markets, domestically and internationally. We aim to critically assess and develop bespoke solutions to meet the needs and objectives of the company. As the exchanges across Africa gain momentum, corporates and institutions are looking to access the capital markets for their funding needs.

Debt Advisory

Our team at YW Capital are adept at traversing the international debt capital markets, assisting our clients to access the best possible terms by remaining independent from the debt providers. We achieve this by drawing from our global reach with local and international financing institutions.

Corporate Finance Advisory

Our product knowledge enables us to provide our clients with solutions to meet short, medium and long-term strategic objectives, to gain market share and create or unlock trapped shareholder value.

Private Company Advisory

Through our network relationships, we work with high-net-worth individuals, family offices pension funds and growth funds who transact across Sub-Saharan Africa, to unlock business constraints and charter new growth initiatives.

Sovereign Advisory

Our sovereign advisory office acts as a partner to governments across Africa. We aim to bring structure and global solutions to government challenges or private clients who look to navigate the local regulatory environment.

Investor Intelligence

We help our clients engage effectively with shareholders and provide expert advice to help them compete for relevant equity capital pools capital as effectively as possible. Our team has a focused capital market transaction track record in this arena and is supported by a dedicated investor relations team.


Through YW Analytics, our analyst team works with various first-rate databases to produce accurate analysis and results and our executive team manages deadlines to drive stakeholder value.