YW Capital is an active strategic partner in businesses where we can leverage our empowerment credentials, experience and relationship base to unlock or realise deep commercial value.

Our investment focus categorises potential investment opportunities into one of three strategic areas – each a unique proposition for entrepreneurs and ourselves. These include strategic investments, accelerated growth investments and opportunistic investments


Principal Investments

YW Capital has a focused strategy for principal investments. We consider businesses underpinned by a three-pronged investment strategy: strategic, Accelerated Growth, and Opportunistic Investments.

Strategic Investments

Strategic investments are businesses YW Capital considers core to its business and would merit a long-term, active management role in these companies. Our qualifying criteria are as follows:

Accelerated Growth Investments

Accelerated growth investments are businesses which exhibit significant growth potential and are backed by an experienced and highly skilled management team. The investment thesis focuses on organic and acquisitive growth potential within these companies by enhancing profitability and complimentary value-adding services. After that, an exit strategy is formulated to realise the investment value created. Our investment criteria for these companies are as follows:

Opportunistic Investments

Opportunistic investments, as the name suggests, refer to opportunities where YW Capital has the option to acquire a minority interest in investment companies where there is a unique ability to structure a transaction, which results in significant short-to-medium-term upside. These investment opportunities are typically derivative and assessed on a deal-by-deal basis. Opportunistic investments usually meet the following critical criteria: