The YW Foundation was established to allow the YW team to contribute back to the communities that developed us across South Africa.

Our founding principles are:
The YW Foundation is minded by socio-economic objectives and financial inclusiveness. There are five areas of focus


Broad-based inclusions

Mentorship programmes


Thinktank sessions


Whilst we search for opportunities that are impactful in the national economy over the long term, we are also cognisant of the short term. YW Capital looks to donate financial and physical resources to worthy causes paying homage to our past, recognising that there are communities that are yet to be uplifted from the remnants of our country’s history.

Broad-Based Inclusion

Where there is an opportunity for our team to include a broad-based grouping into a transaction, our foundation acts as a vehicle for executing such initiatives. This brings the skillset of a worldly team to structuring transactions that are cognizant of the needs of the envisaged beneficiaries in communities that are often unnoticed or underrepresented.

Mentorship Programme

Our mentorship programme aims to address a development gap in the financial services industry. We identified that young investment professionals lack access to notable individuals in the industry from whom the young professionals can learn key soft skills that are an integral part of success. The programme is grounded in the belief that providing access to circles that are usually inaccessible provides mentees with access to sponsorship from respected individuals and an understanding of how to structure their career paths and achieve success. One such way that we provide access is through our Mentorship Room. We select a few young finance professionals for engagement sessions with doyens of the industry to discuss their careers and seek advice for navigating their careers.


YW Capital launched the Black Women in Commerce scholarship, which is aimed at assisting academically deserving individuals and those students with an interest in pursuing a career in commerce. The scholarship pays for the successful individual’s last two years of high school. Although financial need is the main premise upon which the scholarship is awarded, the scholarship is all-encompassing as it recognises that in addition to school fees, scholars require academic materials, mentorship and parental support to be successful. Our staff are integrally involved in the mentorship of the scholars. While the scholarship covers secondary education fees, YW Capital assists scholars with career planning and university applications. Furthermore, we leverage our corporate relationships in the industry to assist the scholars with funding for University.

Thinktank Sessions

Our Thinktank is hosted once every quarter and brings together leading minds from the spheres of business, politics and academia in debating and problem-solving realistic, prudent and sustainable solutions endemic in our country. In addition, the Thinktank works to analyse and qualify social initiatives and projects for the benefit of previously disadvantaged or financially excluded communities. The Thinktank is an opportunity for philanthropists, business leaders, politicians, civic organisations, NGO’s and individuals to participate in a dialogue that makes financial inclusivity a reality for all South Africans. As our business philosophy is thinking globally, the Thinktank will also consider solutions and opportunities outside of our borders.