YW Capital is an active strategic partner in businesses where we can leverage our empowerment credentials, experience and relationship base to unlock or realise deep commercial value.

Our investment focus categorises potential investment opportunities into one of three strategic areas – each a unique proposition for entrepreneurs and ourselves. These include strategic investments, accelerated growth investments and opportunistic investments.


The YW Capital Business Incubator (YWBI) is a rapid business incubator based at the South African offices in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Our experienced investments team is adept at finding innovative ways to support business growth. We focus on assisting entrepreneurs in developing their ideas, IP, and companies by equipping them with the resources, tools, skills, and connections required to build formidable businesses.

Our Services

Business development services: Our objective is to strengthen entrepreneurs’ business acumen. We also aim to develop and bolster business systems and provide strategic focus to target predefined milestones in growing the enterprise. Our team will also seek to implement governance protocols in professionalising the business, which is necessary for future capital raises.

Funding: Provision of finance and financing opportunities, ranging from our balance sheet funds to utilising our professional investor base to raise a combination of equity, debt, and grant funding.

Product or service delivery: We leverage our network of partners, investee companies, clients, and other stakeholders to provide growth opportunities.

Examples of how we partner with qualifying incubators to deliver value:

Business strategy support

Corporate professionalisation

Network synergies through our partnerships


We act as a “big brother” to businesses with the potential to unlock significant growth with our active involvement.

Our Focus

Real estate






How we work and what we ask for

Our team is dedicated to identifying and implementing tested initiatives within strong business opportunities. We prefer to interact directly with business owners and/or entrepreneurs in a consultative manner. We typically employ a fee-for-service model, where the underlying business is already operational and turning over revenue. Most often, our involvement is based on an equity-earn-in model, which aligns our endeavours with our partners in building real equity value over the long term.