YW Capital has partnered with firms across the finance industry. The proposition for a partnership is underpinned by YW Capital’s client needs and where we feel partnerships can bolster our service offering. Some of these reasons may include:

  • Increasing our service offering
  • The need for specialization in a specific sector
  • Access to capital in geographies in which our existing team does not have a presence

To this end, YW Capital can be a market leader in a comprehensive industry of corporate financial advisory and provide a holistic service offering


Delphos International

Partnership Theme: International Capital In Africa

Established in 1987 in Washington DC, Delphos International now operates a global network of financial solution advisors with additional offices in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Montreal, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guatemala City, Abuja and together with YW Capital in South Africa, operating across Africa.
YW Capital and Delphos have formidable transaction experience on the continent and together having raised $30 billion for clients globally. There are synergies to be extracted from the global partnership which result in enhanced outcomes for our clients.
In 2020, YW Capital started to develop a platform in the US, offering African companies the potential to directly attract new investor interest, through both private and public markets. This is complemented by YW Capital’s partnership with Delphos who, with their extensive global presence, contributes a network of offices and relationships around the world.
This exciting collaboration can help companies and entrepreneurs conducting business on the African continent, including inter alia organizations
Institutions and strategic investors can also benefit, especially with the following objectives in mind