We have a unique approach to problem-solving which hinges on our ability to understand our client’s problems and the nature of their capital needs, as well as the market and environment in which a transaction is considered. This upfront investment in understanding our clients ensures an optimal delivery approach when determining the capital raising product and the way a transaction is executed


YIPA Capital

Partnership Theme:

Addressing Youth in the Property Sector

YIPA Capital is a broad-based Black youth investment holdings company focused on empowering South African youth through investments made primarily in the property sector. YIPA Capital ensures the empowerment of young people by sourcing impactful investment opportunities and delivering sustainable returns for its majority shareholder, the YIPA Foundation Trust.
YW Capital and YIPA have formed a partnership whereby, together the partnership aims to procure empowerment investment opportunities with a focus on the property sector. Our partnership comprehensively addresses the Ownership requirement on the B-BBEE Property Sector Charter of South Africa.
Together, YW Capital and YIPA Capital aim to add value to their investments off the back of each organisation and members credentials and by addressing the requirements of the B-BBEE Property Sector Charter of South Africa.